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Unisurfity offers surf trips for intermediate to professional surfers with a focus on one-to-one style personal coaching aimed at taking your surfing to the next level. From Portugal to the Maldives, we’ve chosen the best locations that vary according to ability and the time of year to get the best waves.


“i coach by trying to remove factors that might affect my students performance. be that crowds, wave quality, consistency, mental approach, etc. hence the constant travelling to the best spots for that time of year and my students ability ”

Jez Browning

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mr miyagi

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Unisurfity's owner/operator Jez Browning will be your guide and coach. With over 35 years of surfing knowledge and 17+ years of coaching. Your surfing really matters to Jez. Lucky to turn his passion into his career, Jez has been recognised as one of the rare few 'Masters'. He's literally seen it all and will do his best to help you reach your surfing goals.


peniche, portugal

The most wave rich region in Europe. So many options and choices in a very short distance.

These trips are the best value in terms of cost versus time surfed. If you want to find out more then check out the trips this year. Did I mention it has a hot tub?!



Boat trip heaven - Private boat charters with just UniSURFity guests onboard. All cool, chilled people wanting to surf and improve. Wave hogs are definitely not welcome.

This year there are 4 trips. 3 of which are full. If you fancy coming on one, then please get in touch.


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"Spending two weeks at Unisurfity, in the Maldives,

being coached by Jez was the best thing to happen to my surfing. I had hit a serious plateau, surfing the same old breaks at home, over and over again. Jez's consistent, patient teachings have elevated my surfing to new levels. I have taken Jez's teachings home and I am stoked to continue to improve. Even though I am no longer on a plateau, I will definitely be doing Unisurfity again! If you have any question about whether or not to go on one of these trips, just book it!" Tobias Work