Your guide & coach

Unisurfity is owned and operated by Jez Browning, a highly qualified coach and surfer. As of today, he has coached over 17,000 surfers. Born and raised in Guernsey in the English Channel Islands, Jez surfed since the age of five (35+ years of surf experience) and has over 15 years experience. Coaching surfers of all abilities, from beginner to professional, Jez has coached national teams for the World Surfing Games as well as individual competing surfers. Having worked exceptionally hard to obtain the maximum level in each available governing surfing body to date. Qualifications include ASI Level 4 Master coach, ISA level 2 Coach, ISA level 1 Surf instructor, WSA Member and RLSS and NARS Beach Lifeguarding. Jez is also a surf photographer and journalist who writes monthly advice columns for, Inertia and Wavelength magazine.

More than just another surf school

The three C's - Community - Culture - Coaching. This is the ethos behind Unisurfity. The outfit is a fully mobile surf academy, clinic and adventure company. Based on travelling to the best waves for the groups ability at the best time of year for that spot. 

We're not yet another surf camp which churns out 'surfers' at their local home break. We move around the globe teaming up with other surf communities to offer a true flavour of that country's culture. The destinations are picked from Jez's vast surf network and travelling experience to offer trips full of adventure, culture and of course the surf coaching.  

At some point all surfers suffer from performance stagnation. We've all been there, whether you're just starting out and wanting to learn how to get outback through to not stomping that full rotation. Unisurfity is designed to help you out of your surfing rut - to re-inspire you and help achieve your surfing goals. Whether its simple face turns or creating a whole heat winning  repertoire for surfing titles, we have the knowledge, the tools and the destinations to get you to achieve your surfing goals. 

Our philosophy

The general view in the surfing industry is that you only need lessons when beginning. To be honest that couldn't be further from the truth. Surfing outback is where the real challenges start. We see people who are self taught, who have surfed for a lifetime, and who still have the fundamentals wrong. We also see surfers with incredibly inefficient habits, which make for hard times in the water both in the mind and on the body!

Good surfing is efficient surfing

Every movement should be complimentary and not detrimental. Move only when necessary. That’s our ethos for good surfing. On our trips we cover the following;

  • Fundamentals of good surfing - flow & style

  • Exercises specific to surfing. Dry land exercises for in-the-water fitness, how to be flexible & strong

  • Cross training - creating a balanced body

  • Oceanography

  • Line-up etiquette and crowd techniques

  • Maneouvre breakdown - function & technique

  • Competition tactics (if applicable) - technique & mental approach

  • Advanced maneouvres - technique & mental approach

  • Customised coaching for your particular needs

This all sounds serious! Don’t worry, all our training and coaching is taught in a super fun, laid-back atmosphere. This is your surf trip and the knowledge and advice is there if you want it. At least one session per day will be filmed for analysis. Some sessions Jez will be in the water with you, others he’ll be on land. It's all about flexible and dynamic coaching.
The trips are about maximum surfing time too. If it means getting up at 4am for a dawny, then that's what we do! If we surf three different spots in one day due to conditions - sick!

Video anaylsis

We use a range of methods to identify problems including high quality video and photo analysis. At the end of a video session we'll go through the footage while it's still fresh in your mind. For some this can be a slightly painful process (we never shred like we do in our heads!) but it is super valuable and the quickest way to address issues with technique, and allow us to make bio mechanical analysis and adjustment.