Surfboard Volume Calculator - Surfboard Volume vs Weight

surfboard volume calculator.png

Hard to believe that all of the above boards are between 27 litres and 31 litres. So many different shapes, designs and concepts. 
Gone are the times when you used to go to your shaper and get the usual dimensions. Volume was never a thing and some old school shapers still view volume as a gimmick. However, my  Tomo Surfboards such as a Vanguard (5'5 x 18 1/4 x 2 7/16 28.8 litres) has more volume than my Lost Mini Driver (5'10 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2 27.6 litres). Then there's my 5'10 Almond Butter which just an inch wider and yet has nearly 8 litres more float. So dimensions were great when everyone was shaping the same type of boards, but the above example can be totally misleading. 

Where that actual foam or float is has a massive influence too. An extreme example, but let's say I have a board in the shape of a mushroom. It's 40 litres in volume but has all the foam in the tip of the nose. The midsection, where I'm putting my paddling weight, has virtually no foam and neither does the tail. You need foam exactly where you lack skill or ability!

So a couple of rules or guidelines for you:

  1. Volume is a good starting block to get an idea of all the different shapes that are available to your skill set and physical attributes.

  2. If your wave count is pretty dire then you need that volume under your chest.

  3. If you can catch waves well but surf in sloppy weak waves then you need the volume through to the tail.

  4. More foam in the tail if you're a powerful surfer (you need something to push against)

  5. Hollow and fast waves, then less volume in the tail as you're looking for grip and control not extra planning.

  6. If you're generating your own speed (not bouncing but actually pumping and rail to rail surfing) then you can ride a little under your typical volumes.

A really simple way out your surfboard volume versus your weight is to use the following formula.  Your weight in KG (no lie's as your just fooling yourself) 

  1. Advanced & Water fit - Weight (KG) x 0.35 - 0.38 (use the larger number for weaker waves)

  2. Advanced but old or not fit - Weight (KG) x 0.38 - 0.40

  3. Intermediate - Weight (KG) x 0.41 - 0.45

  4. Beginner - Weight (KG) x 0.46 + or just get on a 7ft / 8ft or 9ft Foamie you'll have tons more fun and end up with decent technique rather than a flapping struggling style.

There are tons of great Volume Calculators out there. I've attached the best I've found below. They'll work it out and also give you an idea of boards out there.