Who needs a pro surf coach?

Kelly Slater - the most famous professional surfer of all time - unisurfity.jpg

Professional. Ok, so there's not many who are truly professional surfers, so this level can be a little misleading. This course is for anyone who is advanced and looking to compete, or simply have outstanding skills. Whether you are looking at featuring in magazines, social media, or you aim to represent your country and yourself in competition, if you want to make a living as a surfer, a pro surf coach is the right choice for you. In a nutshell, this is advanced coaching with an emphasis towards making yourself into a brand or to win heats consistently.

What to expect

Training and schedules are similar to the advanced training, however, pro surf coach Jez Browning will also help you focus on more specific goals. Differences will be heat drills, manoeuvre drills, tips on working with photographers, both in water and from land. Additional tutoring will give you insights on getting a portfolio, how to present yourself to sponsors and hot to satisfy sponsors requests and needs.