30 November 2019

Canary Islands


incredible, varied breaks in the hawaii of europe.


7 nights / 8 Days
30 Nov - 7 Dec 2019


Fly to Fuerteventura (FUE). Get to the airport for the morning of 25th November. We’ll be there to meet you and drive you to the North of the island where we will be based.


Trip overview

Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Limited to 6 places.

The breaks on Fuerteventura are incredible and very varied. My first ever session consisted of 5 solid waves with 3 good barrels! Plus I was way too hot in my 3x2 suit.

There are zero beach breaks that consistently break at this time of year, unless it goes unseasonably small. So it's really aimed at confident surfers. The water before Xmas is quite likely to sit around 23C. It can fluctuate a little but not much!

We will be based up around the North of the Island where all the surf action is, and will have easy access to 3 different coasts. East and West coasts have beach and reef breaks. North is reef breaks only.

The water should still be ok in boardies and a neoprene top or at worst a 3x2mm. Reef boots for anyone who wants to tread confidently over the places like Rocky Point etc.

I'm going to keep this trip basic but there are extra add ons available but at your own cost. The trip is accommodation, guiding, coaching and breakfast for the whole of the trip.

Food is ridiculously cheap, and therefore it seems fit that we buy our own lunches and evening meals.
Buying lunches 'on the fly' gives us much less interruption to our surfing time. Evening meals with all the restaurants nearby mean that you get to sample the local cuisine and culture too.

The house is located just outside of Corralejo, so close to the bars and restaurants but far enough out to not be a distraction. I truly love this place, it has some of the most fun waves in Europe for this time of year, but still with Summer temperatures.

Now the waves... the waves here are good for everyone looking to improve. The reef can be a little off-putting as you'll have to walk over it to enter and exit the waves. However, most of the waves we'll be riding are deep. So any kind of reef touching is rare! Ranging from super easy peeling waves to big throaty barrels.

As for the hosts, Unisurfity has teamed up with the highly established and professional 7 Islands Surf camp. He´s been on the Island for over 15 years, so without a doubt is one of the best guides there. He and his family have an awesome setup. A newly bought and renovated house with exceptional outdoor areas. Plus very comfortable, spacious bedrooms and lounge to help us unwind and relax after a solid days surfing. If that's not relaxing enough, then a beer in the Jacuzzi might just do the trick! Unisurfity and the Perrys teaming up makes for a fully surf packed and exciting trip. A surf trip run by real surfers for real surfers!

What's included

  • Accommodation + breakfast

  • Transport

  • Specific lessons and coaching to your personal needs as well as to the group

  • Coaching using at least one video analysis or photography session per day

  • Guidance to the best breaks with specific tips on where to sit on the break for that session

  • Water safety.

Don't forget

  • Boardies + hot top

  • 3 x 2 wetsuit

  • Reef boots

  • Holiday insurance which covers surfing. I really recommend surfoffsure.co.uk for a surf specific policy that even covers your equipment

  • Waterproof sunscreen. I recommend Aloe Up for kids which you can find here.

Jez's tips

Massages and Osteopathy / Chiropractic treatment is available. There is an exceptionally talented physician and health center on the island where the Spanish Olympic teams go for treatment and training. This can be arranged should anyone wish to visit and have exceptional treatment.