July 2017



Luxurious "Live Aboard" boat trip. Exploring the islands for perfect surf.


10 Days
July 2017


Fly to Male International (MLE). The boat sails from port at 12 Noon. Your flight needs to land prior to this on 11th and leave on 23rd after 3pm. A crew member will be awaiting upon arrival, and a boat transfer scheduled to take us to the main vessel.


Trip overview

This boat trip is about a once in a lifetime adventure; warm water, world class waves and luxury accomodation! Unisurfity have teamed up with one of the largest and fastest boats in the Atolls. The idea is to get you in the best and most fun waves the planet has to offer. If you were ever thinking of getting on a boat trip, then this is the one. Typical waves in the Maldives are just pure fun. The Mentawaii's can get pretty heavy and demanding for most, but these breaks are all about sheer enjoyment. There are barreling waves in the Maldives, but there are also big waves. However they are just absolute perfection, not too shallow but not too deep either!

No driving about looking for waves. Just wake up, stretch, and then go surfing. If we have to move to other islands or breaks to chase a swell, it usually gets done while we're sleeping. Dreaming of what your going to achieve tomorrow. As always Jez will be on hand to give coaching advice and shoot video for analysis, as well as help you in the line-ups too.

What's included

  • Specific lessons and coaching to your personal needs as well as to the groups.
  • Coaching using at least one video analysis or photography session per day.
  • Guidance to the best breaks with specific tips on where to sit on the break for that session.
  • Water safety. 
  • Transport to and from the mother ship to the surf breaks.
  • Full board accommodation in air conditioned rooms on a boat selected for it's quality and professional service. 
  • At least 1.5 litres of water per day (boat policy dependant).
  • Boat transfers to/from the airport to the main vessel and airport.

Don't forget

  • Holiday insurance which covers surfing. I really recommend surfoffsure.co.uk for a surf specific policy that even covers your equipment.
  • Waterproof sunscreen. I recommend Aloe Up for kids which you can find here. I use SPF50.
  • Some USD for the boat's bar, souvenirs, and crew tips. Beer is typically $3 per tin.
  • Spare everything - fins, leashes, boards, a ding repair kit. There's no surf shops here so bring what you might need.

Jez's tips

Reef boots are always a good idea for anyone new to reef surfing. A cut foot can ruin your holiday so bring some. Also if your really probe to sunburn then bring a long sleeve rashvest and maybe even some lycra leggings as the backs of your legs will get cooked!