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Who is an intermediate surfer?

Quite simply someone who is "out back" catching green waves with relative success. They can therefore paddle well, and be able to negotiate waves up to head high, by using a duckdive or turtle rolling technique. They can also take-off and turn either left and right. Your time in the whitewater was a distant memory and your now able to ride across the face of a wave with a bit of success too. You've probably already purchased a board. If not then it's definitely on your mind. You're exceptionally motivated to improve, but get a little frustrated by having a good surf and a whole series of disasters another time.

What to expect

In our intermediate surf courses I'll be focusing on the following:

  • Increasing your wave count therefore improving and perfecting all aspects of taking off. Ranging from efficient paddling, right through to "popping up" effortlessly. 
  • Importance and utilisation of a good bottom turn. How to do them and where to place them.
  • Learning how to read the ocean, the line-up and most importantly waves more effectively. 
  • Starting to understand manoeuvres. What suits where and when. 
  • Turning basic turns into functional manoeuvres such as cutbacks, as well as how to tackle sections and get round them with manoeuvres. 
  • Improving wave negotiation such as duckdiving, rolling and how to read where to paddle to avoid these situations.
  • Getting on the right equipment and understanding how and why it works.