Who is an Advanced surfer?

Advanced Surfer - Jez Browning - UniSURFity.jpg

An advanced surfer is a person who has dedicated a lot of water time to the art of surfing. They're very competent in all waves within reason, quite happy to surf reefs, points, river mouths and beach breaks. They can regulate their own speed on the wave either by pumping, cross stepping, trimming or linking manoeuvres. Their wave reading is typically fairly good, however there's still mistakes made. You might be getting a little bored or frustrated with your performance now or just seem to be doing the same thing over and over. Sticking within your comfort zone. 

What to expect

The more advanced you are, then the more receptive you are. The trips will have breaks available to us that will really push you. Obviously it's swell dependant, However the trips are scheduled at the most consistent time. The surf coaching for advanced surfers will be aimed at helping you push your surfing and meet your goals. The aim is not only to fine tune your existing repertoire, but to also open up new possibilities within your surfing. Start to make you think and therefore read the wave different. Not only utilising opportunities but making them too.