27 OCT - 3rd Nov 2019


  • right hand points

  • 200M+ RIDES 

  • no crowds?!?!

yep you read that right!

i promise! there's even beachies too...

follow me, I'll show you



7 Nights
27 oct - 3 Nov 2019


Fly to Agadir (AGA). Get to the airport for the morning. EasyJet has regular flight from Gatwick. We’ll be there to meet you and drive you down South to the villa. We will then make a plan on where and when to head according to the forecast.


Trip overview

Fancy riding quality, solid point-breaks by yourself? What about some beach breaks, a couple of Left's and some reefs too? I'll even throw in some amazing culture.. tons of awesome food for all your meals throughout the stay, too. You just bring yourself, maybe a step-up board, a bit of French and an open mind. This is a secret that's worth keeping! Trust me.... 

Morocco and empty waves is not something you normally hear, especially in recent times. However, for the past 6 years, UniSURFity has had just that by teaming up with the 'empty line up specialists.' 

We'll be heading South, really far South. To the fringes of the Western Sahara hunting for waves with one of the first true Moroccan surfer families.  

This area is still one of the last, more reachable, frontiers of surfing left. I've left videos and pictures of the surf and area off this site purposely to keep it this way too. The waves here are pretty epic, and 99% of the time it'll just be us in. 

 We will be based in a villa which couldn't be closer to the beach. The sound of crashing surf in your ears as you drift off to sleep. A ridiculously consistent beach break is just 20 metres down below the villa. Over breakfast we'll check the conditions (hard not too, as you can see it all from the dinner table.) We'll either travel a short distance North or South to find the best waves for the current conditions. 

The Berber family, who will be hosting us, will be inviting us into their culture and community. Feeding us with traditionally prepared dishes from freshly caught seafood through to delicious tagines. Hassan may even cook us up a 'Berber Omelette' if we're lucky.   

What's included

  • Specific lessons and coaching to your personal needs as well as to the group.

  • Coaching using at least one video analysis or photography session per day.

  • Guidance to and “in” the best breaks with specific tips on how to surf the break for that session.

  • Water safety.

  • Transport to and from the villa to surf, sites, etc.

  • Full board accommodation in the main villa.

  • Transfers to and from the airport.

Don't forget

  • Holiday insurance which covers surfing. I really recommend surfoffsure.co.uk for a surf specific policy that even covers your equipment.

  • 4x3mm wetsuit + reef boots.

  • Small first aid kit.

  • Warm clothes and a waterproof/windproof jacket for the cold desert nights.

  • Head torch.

  • Waterproof sunscreen.

  • Some local currency to buy souvenirs, local massage, or some snacks on the way to the beach.

  • Spare everything - fins, leashes, boards, a ding repair kit. As you can imagine there are no surfshops where we're heading.

Jez's tips

 UniSURFity was driven by my idea of embracing rather than competing. Community, Culture and Coaching, each trip was to incorporate all 3 'C's' where possible. This trip definitely embraces all three, 100%.

The area is untouched and we'll be immersed into a Berben culture. So entertainment in the evenings will be down to us. So bring some card games,  a sense of humour, and some fun ideas.

You may also need a step-up board for when the points light up!