13-20 September 2016

Discover Morocco


A trip totally off the beaten track into a beautiful culture that time forgot.


7 Days
13 - 20 EPTEMBER 2016


Fly to Agadir (AGA). Get to the airport for the morning of 13th September. EasyJet flight from Gatwick tie’s in perfectly landing at 10.30am. We’ll be there to meet you and drive you down South to the villa.


Trip overview

This place is extremely close to my heart. It really is all about leaving it all behind, and getting away from the stresses of normal life. The Berber culture that you’ll be immersed in is a very refreshing and welcome culture shock.

Not only is it a beautiful place with stunning scenery, but it also has uncrowded waves. Not just decent waves which are ridiculously consistent, but uncrowded waves too. With over 15 different breaks all within a short car ride from the villa, there really is something for everyone. There’s even a powerful beach break right below the villa. You’ll be going to sleep hearing the ocean with a full stomach of locally sourced and cooked food by our very own local chef.

The food is exceptional with tasty tagines, fish, couscous and plenty of other amazing dishes.

What's included

  • Specific lessons and coaching to your personal needs as well as to the groups.
  • Coaching using at least one video analysis or photography session per day.
  • Guidance to and “in” the best breaks with specific tips on where to sit on the break for that session.
  • Water safety.
  • Transport to and from the villa.
  • Full board accommodation in an airy villa in the best location, overlooking the surf.
  • Transfers to and from the airport.

Don't forget

  • Holiday insurance which covers surfing. I really recommend surfoffsure.co.uk for a surf specific policy that even covers your equipment.
  • 3x2mm wetsuit for the colder days. You may be able to surf in just shorts or bikini but it depends on the local winds and Canary current.
  • Waterproof sunscreen. I recommend Aloe Up for kids which you can find here.
  • Some local currency to buy souvenirs, local massage, or some snacks on the way to the beach.
  • Spare everything - fins, leashes, boards, a ding repair kit. There's no surf shops here so bring what you might need.

Jez's tips

Having been to this place for a few years now. i can't express just how beautiful the people and the place really is. the berber life, their sense of community and culture, plus the raw beauty of the rolling hills is a real refreshing and welcome change. this isn't just a typical "learn to surf" week. it's a full adventure and experience.